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The N°48 perfume diffuser combines style and discretion, offering an intense amber fragrance that is diffused by the unique black wooden stick.

The Omecara studio has synthesized two natural elements mysteriously linked by their names, on the one hand ambergris, the animal raw material used in perfumery, and on the other hand yellow amber, an ornamental resin with a warm hue that owes its name to the Arabic term "anbar", designating ambergris.

The definition of a delicate abstract shape evoking polished ambergris or the rounded pebble found on the seashore allowed us to break with the traditional image of ambergris while combining them. This shape was carefully designed to evoke solid and liquid, land and sea. The chromatic choice of gold was obvious, as it embodies the colour of yellow amber on the one hand and the symbolic value of ambergris on the other. It has made it possible to combine these three natural elements in a design with a poetic and sophisticated effect. The Zen-like typography gives a sense of order and lightness while reinforcing the sobriety and elegance of the packaging.

The Omecara studio has created a typographic identity characterised by the number 48, a soothing and elegant lettering where the masculine square 4 and the feminine rounded 8 complement each other beautifully, in keeping with the elements that were the source of inspiration. The relevance of the project results from a play between opposites: earth/sea, man/woman, square/round, solid/liquid, container/content, black/white.

Award: Silver A’design Award 2022

Copies: Limited edition
Production: Black screen printing on glass, intense black offset printing and Luxor 232 MP hot stamping, protective varnish
Paper: Colorplan white frost paper 350 g/m2
Dimensions: L 80 x W 80 x H 210 mm
Bottle: 250ml
Photo: Tatiana Garcia ©

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